Don’t lose sales when your inventory runs out. This app makes it easy for customers to sign up for a back in stock alert. When you restock products, waiting customers are then alerted instantly to bring them back to your store and complete the purchase. The app will help you to get back your customers from the store again!

Basically when customers visit your store and want to buy any product but unfortunately the product has been sold out in that case you can enable the "Notify Me" button, so that customer can click on the button and add an email address for alert when product (size, color) restocked for sale.

All records will be preserved by app and when the same product is restocked the same time the customer will get the notification on the given email address.

Now customers will get to know about restocking for the same product which he/ she wants to buy and ultimately your sales and revenue will increase.

The all process will be automatically on one time setup.


Just follow the below step to install the app from shopify app store to your store and start notify your customer in a 2 minutes of setup.

App Installation :
  • Go to Shopify apps store.
  • Click on the "Add app" button given on the app page and follow the steps.
  • Approve and Install the app, App is free to install.
Enable Popup:
  • Go to Popup Settings.
  • Select template for popup and click on customize button.
  • Enable Popup and change settings
  • Click on SAVE button to enable popup at front side.

Notification Settings
  • Go to app -> Email Notification.
  • Enable send notification settings.
  • Add email subject and email and set email body.
  • Click on SAVE button for customer email notification.


Fully customizable widget to match with your theme colors.

How to customize "Notify Me" Button?

There's a setting to change Notify button text and colors as below:

  • Go to app -> Popup Settings.
  • Find Customize Notify Button section.
  • Change button text, potision and colors.


Fully customizable notification email body with variables.

How to customize Notify Email?

Text editor to set HTML code/ design email body.

  • Go to app -> Popup Settings.
  • Find Customize Notify Button section.
  • Change button text, potision and colors.

  • Click on SAVE button to save changes.


Some basic FAQs which is generally people face.

How to enable restocked notification?

You can enable restock customer notification in few clicks!
Just install the app and enable popup for front side customer email and enable email notification from settings that's it!
Now app will start to collect customer data for restock notification for the products.

Do I need to do any setup to send emails?

No, You just need to enable email notification from email settingsfrom the app then app will send auto email to customer.

When notification will be send to customer?

If any customer has request for restock notification while product status soldout then on upadte product stocks app will get the instant request on update inventory the same time notification will be sent to customer with item name.

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